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January, 2013
Gerald Celente – RT America with Liz Wahl – January 31, 2013
Gerald Celente on whether Obama cooked financial books to get reelected. President Obama was reelected despite a less than stellar state of the economy. Even though days before the election third quarter data came.
31 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Tom Sullivan on Fox Business News – January 26, 2013
False Sense of Security? Gerald Celente argues the U.S. is headed for a meltdown of epic proportion.

26 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – InfoWars Nightly News – January 22, 2013
Gerald Celente identifies important trends he sees ahead in 2013.

22 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – 970 WFLA Tampa – January 21, 2013
Gerald Celente gives 8 predictions for 2013.

21 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Metallwoche – January 21, 2013
Gerald talk about how to change America: Only if people change, can everything change.

21 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Roy Green Show – January 20, 2013
Gerald Celente returns to the Roy Green Show. Gerald has repeatedly said the Great War of the 21st Century is underway. Looking around the world it may be difficult to disagree.

20 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – King World News – January 20, 2013
Gerald Celente told King World News the Western world is heading into a massive financial collapse in 2013

20 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Global Peace TV with Jason Liosatos – January 16, 2013
Gerald Celente talks with Global Peace TV on the great awakening taking place worldwide, a consciousness transformation as people are finally re empowering themselves and undergoing individual change and personal transformation which is the key to the solution of the worlds problems.

16 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Rush Shaw TV – January 11, 2013
Top trends for 2013.

11 Jan 2013

Gerald Celente – Jeff Rense Show – January 10, 2013
Gerald talks about gun control and his predicted great awakening in America

10 Jan 2013